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The role of bimatoprost

Product name: Bimatoprost

CAS :155206-00-1

Molecular Formula: C25H37NO4

Formula Weight: 415.57g/mol

Description: Bimatoprost is a constructed (man-made) biologic that resembles and mimics the furnishings of accustomed chemicals (prostaglandins) produced by the body. It is acclimated for abbreviation intraocular burden (IOP) and accretion the advance of eyelashes. The exact apparatus of activity is unknown. Bimatoprost may abate IOP by accretion the address of aqueous amusement from the eye of individuals with attenuated bend glaucoma. Excessive aqueous amusement may could cause optic assumption accident and beheld loss. It may access beard advance by accretion the continuance of the growing appearance of the eyelash.

 Bimatoprost the Netcom Road and uveal scleral aqueous address approach bimatoprost, and lower apparent scleral venous burden to lower IOP. Brukaker and added studies accept apparent that the drops of 0.03% bimatoprost accustomed volunteers can accomplish the intraocular burden decreased by 20%, the astriction of the aqueous address attrition decreased by 26%, the apparent of aqueous address attrition decreased 31%.

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