Nicotinic acid role

Nicotinic acid, aswell accepted as vitamin B3, vitamin PP, MF: C6H5NO2, heat-resistant, can be sublimated. Niacin, aswell accepted as nicotinic acid, niacin, could cause of sub. In the animal body, including its derivatives nicotinamide or nicotinamide. It is one of the 13 kinds of vitamins, capital is a water-soluble vitamin, acceptance to the vitamin B group. Nicotinamide, nicotinamide coenzyme I and coenzyme II allotment adapted into nicotinic acerbic in the animal body, circuitous in lipid metabolism, alignment the respiratory blaze action and sugars anaerobic atomization process. Niacin as a vitamin B complex, works as an anti-pellagra analysis (skin disease) sub. Niacin chemically been accepted back 1867, but as the vitamin is by C. A. Elvehjem (1937) articulated. Yeast, liver, beast, bird meat, abounding vegetables accommodate ample amounts of niacin. Animal fungi by tryptophan via kynurenine – histidine 3 – hydroxy – 2 – amino benzoic acerbic via formation. Would not acquire happened as continued as the assimilation of tryptophan-rich protein deficiency. For the blockage and analysis of pellagra, niacin absence diseases. Aswell acclimated as a vasodilator, analysis of hyperlipidemia. For the analysis of vascular cephalalgia headache, bookish arterial thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, the close ear, vertigo, frostbite, axial retinal choroidal go far.\

Nicotinic acerbic a able role in the amplification of borderline vascular clinically for the analysis of headaches, migraines, tinnitus, close ear blackout psychosis. Niacin vitamin drugs for anti-pellagra vitamin PP, collectively referred to nicotinamide can aswell be acclimated as a claret vasodilators, for a ample amount of aliment augment additives. As biologic intermediates for the assembly of isoniazid, nicotinamide, nikethamide and niacin inositol, etc.. If the abridgement of, can aftermath pellagra, embodied as affection of dermatitis, glossitis, oropharynx, diarrhea, irritability, insomnia, paresthesia. Niacin is one of the few present in the the aliment almost abiding vitamin affect its capability even afterwards affable and accumulator will not be a huge loss. Utility: to advance the bloom of the digestive system, abate gastrointestinal disorders; accomplish the derma added healthy; blockage and acknowledgment of astringent migraine; advance claret circulation, so the bead in claret pressure; abate diarrhea phenomena. Strict ascendancy or acquire a diet, or to acquire patients with parenteral nutrition, malnutrition weight plummeted, pregnancy, lactation, and isoniazid by austere addiction, alcoholism, biologic addicts, niacin were increased.

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