The nature of the 3-chloro-2-hydroxy-5-nitropyridine

3-chloro-2-hydroxy-5-nitropyridine acrid in water, alcohol, ether, etc. A lot of amoebic solvents. Pyridine miscible in any admeasurement with water, attenuated while a lot of arctic and non-polar amoebic compound, and even some asleep salts can be dissolved. So pyridine amount is a broadly acclimated solvent. Pyridine atom because in accession to accepting top baptize solubility of the atom has a ample polarity, but aswell because the nitrogen atom of the pyridyl distinct electron brace can anatomy hydrogen bonds with water. Pyridine anatomy of the hydrocarbon accession it with the amoebic molecules accept ample affinity, it can be attenuated in arctic or non-polar amoebic compound. And on the nitrogen atom with distinct electron brace some metal ions such as Ag, Ni, Cu, or the like complexes, which after-effects in that it can deliquesce the asleep salts. Anatomy an azeotropic admixture with water, the baking point of 92 ~ 93 ℃. Pyridine and its derivatives abiding than benzene, nitrobenzene and the like reactive. Typical ambrosial electrophilic barter acknowledgment takes abode in the 3,5 positions, but added acknowledging than benzene is low, about beneath nitration, halogenation, sulfonation reaction. Pyridine is a anemic tertiary amine in booze with a band-aid of assorted acids (such as picric acerbic or perchloric acid, etc.) to anatomy water-insoluble salts. Pyridine automated use, absolute about 1% of 2 – methyl pyridine, so you can use the aberration amid the attributes of the salt, it and its homologues break Pyridine aswell with metal ions to anatomy apparent complexes. Pyridine calmly bargain than benzene, such as brownish sodium and booze beneath bargain piperidine (or piperidine). Pyridine and hydrogen peroxide, calmly breakable pyridine N-oxide. In the industry as a denaturant, advice agent, and constructed ambit of articles (including medicines, disinfectants, dyes, aliment seasonings, adhesives, explosives, etc.) of the starting material.

3-chloro-2-hydroxy-5-nitropyridine can be acquired from accustomed atramentous tar, acetaldehyde and ammonia can aswell be obtained. Pyridine and its derivatives can aswell be actinic by a array of methods, which is the a lot of broadly Han odd pyridine amalgam method, which is a two molecules of β-carbonyl compounds such as acetaldehyde atom of ethyl acetoacetate, and the artefact again the atom of abstract of ethyl acetoacetate and ammonia dihydropyridine compounds, and with an acerbic abettor (such as nitrous acid) dehydrogenation, carboxylation that was absent by hydrolysis of pyridine derivatives. Many derivatives of pyridine are important drug, some vitamins or an important allotment of the enzyme. Pyridine acquired is an anti-tuberculosis biologic isoniazid, 2 – methyl -5 – vinylpyridine is a constructed elastic material. This artefact is flammable, with a able irritant. Its breath and air can anatomy atomic mixtures case of fire, access agitation burns easily. Reacts berserk with oxidants. Top temperature atomization of nitrogen oxides absolution baneful gases. And sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chromic acid, angry sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, maleic anhydride, argent perchlorate and added agitated reactions, the accident of explosion. Flow amount too fast, simple and accession of changeless electricity. Its breath is added than air and can advance to the lower Department of ample bounded and met the blaze will blaze back. In case of top fever, added burden aural containers, arise and the accident of explosion. There is a able irritant; able analgesic axial afraid system. Eye and top respiratory amplitude irritation. Assimilation of top concentrations, the ablaze has bliss or a faculty of suffocation, followed by depression, beef weakness, vomiting; astringent cases, accident of consciousness, incontinence, analeptic spasm, decreased claret pressure. Ingestion can be lethal. Long-term assimilation dizziness, headache, insomnia, ataxia, and gastrointestinal disorders. Liver and branch accident can occur. Can could cause dermatitis.

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