Pharmacokinetics of Tiamulin

Absorption & Distribution

Tiamulin is able-bodied captivated (85% pigs; >90% chicken, rat and dog) afterward articulate administering and is rapidly broadcast throughout the tissues with the accomplished levels begin in the lungs. In all breed aiguille claret levels are accomplished amid 2 and 4 hours afterwards administration

Biotransformation and Excretion

Typically added than 90% of the administered dosage is excreted. Tiamulin is abundantly metabolised to over 20 metabolites, some accepting antibacterial activity. About 30% of these metabolites are excreted in the urine with the butt excreted in the faeces.


Tiamulin is one of the above antimicrobials currently committed for use in animals and attrition is about aberrant but emergent. Typical Mycoplasma strains, gram-positive bacilli and acute gram abrogating bacilli were apathetic to advance attrition in in vitro studies however, cantankerous attrition to tylosin and erythromycin did occur. Boundless use in the banty industry in some locations of the apple ability conceivably advise attrition ancestry to the accepted zoonotic bacilli such as Salmonella and Campylobacter but this does not arise to be decidedly evident.

Tiamulin is the above antibacterial and ameliorative analysis for barbarian dysentery acquired by Serpulina hyodysenteriae in which animal attrition is common. About it charcoal the analysis of best back attrition is beneath boundless than for tylosin and it appears to apply beneath alternative burden for attrition than this antimicrobial although the actuality that cross-resistance amid tiamulin and macrolide antibiotics has been recorded is apparently significant.

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