Cefodizime properties and therapeutic use

Cefodizime is a third bearing cephalosporin with a ample spectrum of antibacterial activity. Administered intravenously or intramuscularly, cefodizime 1 to 4 g circadian for an boilerplate of 7 to 10 canicule produced analytic cure in 80 to 100% of patients (adults, aged or children) with high or lower respiratory amplitude infections or urinary amplitude infections, and in allusive trials cefodizime was as able as added third bearing cephalosporins. A individual dosage of cefodizime 1 or 2 g is aswell advantageous in alleviative lower urinary amplitude infections, decidedly apprehensible infections, with a amount of analytic success of 72 to 88%. Urogenital gonorrhoea, whether acquired by beta-lactamase bearing or non-beta-lactamase bearing Neisseria gonorrhoeae, is actual finer advised by individual dosage analysis with intramuscular cefodizime 0.25 to 1 g (virtually 100% cured). Basic abstracts from a baby amount of patients announce that cefodizime may aswell be advantageous in the analysis of otitis media, sinusitis and gynaecological infections, and for the prophylaxis or analysis of surgical infections. The analytic adeptness of cefodizime in allegory with added third bearing cephalosporins is above to that predicted from in vitro results. This above action of cefodizime may be accompanying to the almost continued abolishment half-life of the biologic or its adeptness to adapt some functions of the allowed system–a potentially important award apprehension added investigation. Cefodizime is able-bodied acceptable and has a tolerability contour agnate to added associates of its chic with systemic adverse contest getting primarily gastrointestinal or dermatological. Thus, bound allusive studies announce cefodizime has the abeyant to become a advantageous another to accepted antimicrobial analysis for the analysis of a array of infections. Cefodizime may be added acceptable to administrate than some added agents of its chic as it may be accustomed already or alert daily. While there are no trials comparing cefodizime to added third bearing cephalosporins in immunosuppressed populations, basic advice indicates cefodizime may be advantageous in this group.

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