Acerola information

Acerola (Malpighia glabra) or Acerolla is aswell accepted as Barbados blooming or agrarian crapemyrtle, West Indian cherry, Puerto Rican cherry, Antilles cherry, cereza, cerisier and semeruco.

Acerola bake-apple is a ablaze red cherry-like bake-apple absolute several baby seeds. Mature fruits are bendable and affable tasting. They accommodate 80 percent juice. The fruits adulterate rapidly already removed from the tree. The bake-apple is comestible and broadly captivated in the species’ built-in area, and is able abroad for its top vitamin C content.

Acerola has now been auspiciously alien in sub-tropical areas throughout the apple (Southeast Asia, India, South America), and some of the better plantings are in Brazil.


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