Chinese Waxgourd Peel care effect

Chinese Waxgourd Peel , dry winter melon outer peel of cucurbitaceae plants. Most regions of the country have produced. Are cultivated. Late summer early autumn harvest fruit mature. Consumption of wax gourd, rinse and cut in the outer skin, cutting or wide silk, dried, born with.

This tastes sweet, pale, small cold. Lung, spleen, small intestine. Light and table, can xuan can drop.

The water swelling, heat dissipation quench thirst. Attending edema, urination, heat, water thirsty, carbuncle swollen and painful boils down servant of hurt.

The water permeability wet medicine, especially the diuresis medicine, the in vitro antibacterial test, have different degrees of antibacterial effect, herba artemisiae have inhibitory effect on bacteria and staphylococcus aureus. Bian leach liquor storage have inhibition to certain fungi, inhibition of bacteria with weaker, alisma can inhibit the growth of bacteria, also water decoction and lobelia for a variety of pathogenic fungi have different degrees of inhibition. Belvedere fruit water infusion in vitro of Xu Lanshi favus bacteria, yue du ang’s small buds ringworm fungi such as skin fungi have inhibition.


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