Barbated Skullcup Herb nutrients

Barbated Skullcup Herb contains alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, and phenols, tannins, etc.It contained in these element, is a kind of flavonoids (2, 5 – dihydroxy – June – yellow ketone) three oxygen radicals, in addition, there are two other flavonoids liquorice han baicalin element (5, 7 dihydroxy – 8 methoxy flavone) and 5 – hydroxy – 7, 8 – dimethoxy flavonoids.Animal experiments confirmed that these on sarcoma 180, airy ascites carcinoma, such as brain tumor 22 has a certain inhibitory effect.Japanese scholars through the experiment on 800 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for antitumor activity in vitro screening when found to have 88 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on tumor cell proliferation inhibition rate of over 90%, of which these of JTc – 26 tumor cells in vitro inhibition rate was 100%, the inhibition rate is only 50% of normal cells.In looking at these Chinese medicine clinical antitumor efficacy, even being confronted with in treating advanced tumors, also had an improved symptoms, inhibition of tumor proliferation and prolong their life.


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