Eupolyphaga toxicity

Generations of herbal medicine and Chinese materia medica books, said its “toxic”, clinical application for 30 years, I did not find eupolyphaga toxic effects, but in more than ten cases of allergic reaction to the whole body itch, characterized by bright red skin lesions or dense small papules, this may be caused by opposite sex ground beetle contains protein, but usually after discontinuation 1-2 days can disappear, large doses (more than 30 grams) with nausea vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

Take ground beetle bug may appear allergic reaction, the whole body with little pimples, itching, 1 — 2 days after drug withdrawal rash can disappear. But then take コ reverend mother ping liang, will be the same skin reaction. It may be that members of the opposite sex that its contain protein. On the digestive tract has certain stimulative. Also the use of this product for the amount were sinus heart rate slow response report.


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