Picrorhiza Kurroa hepatoprotective and choleretic effect

From Rhizoma Picrorhizae extract Picroside II have, namely how to eat vanilla acyl alcohol (Vanilloylcatalpol), prove its hepatoprotective effects on CCl4 induced hepatic toxicity for mice, beneficial effect on rats.

From picrorhiza petroleum ether extract were acetovanillone (Apocynirie), demonstrated the choleretic effect on rabbit. The separation of the mixture of Picroside from picrorhiza ethanol (Kutkin), to the oral administration of 3-50mg/kg rats, the serum and liver biochemical changes can dose dependently prevented the thioacetyl glue 3 chemicals induced rat, in better than milk thistle. Picroside cholagogue effect dose dependent and bile antagonistic ethinyl estradiol blocking effect in anesthetized and awake rats and guinea pigs.


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