Corticosterone Description

CAS Number:      50-22-6

Molecular Weight:     346.46

Molecular Formula:    C21H30O4

Appearance:      Crystalline powder

Solubility:      Soluble in acetone, methanol, ethanol (10 mM), chloroform, and DMSO (100 mM). Insoluble in water.

Storage:   Store at room temperature

Application:     Corticosteroid is an activator of MCR.

Corticosterone is a hormone actinic in acknowledgment to stress. It binds and activates MCRs(mineralocorticoid receptors) and GRs (glucocorticoid receptors), which after-effects in adapted expression. This eventually affects ionic conductances through the membrane. Corticosterone induces apoptosis in murine cartilage marrow.


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