Bistort Culinary Use

Leaves and adolescent shoots can be acclimated as a vegetable eaten raw or cooked. They accept a appealing acerb taste.

The roots are actual civil and can be roasted, broiled or above with baking and baking getting the tastier of the three options. They can aswell be broiled and pounded, the consistent crumb acclimated like flour.

The seeds can aswell be eaten raw and cooked, but they are actual small.

Bistort is an additive in Herb Pudding, commonly eaten during Ostara.

Excessive use of bistort may could cause photosensitivity.

Bistort contains oxalic acerbic which can bind to added minerals adverse their assimilation and so should not be ingested in ample quantities. People with gout, branch stones, rheumatism and arthritis should abstain foods absolute oxalic acid. Cooking reduces the affect of oxalic acid. Added plants absolute oxalic acerbic are sorrel, argument and spinach.


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