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Notoginseng Origin

Notoginseng is the basis of the abiding bulb Panax pseudoginseng Wallich var. notoginseng (Burkill) G. Hoo & C. J. Tseng., of the ancestors Asteraceae/Compositae. Native to east Asia, it is begin in forests and shrubberies in China, Burma, and up to 2,100-4,300 metres in Central Nepal and the Himalayas.

The abiding bulb grows to about 1.2 m top at a apathetic rate. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both macho and changeable organs). It can abound in abounding adumbration (deep woodland) or semi-shade (light woodland). It requires clammy soil.

In China, notoginseng is mainly developed in the ambit Yunnan, Guangxi, etc. The basis is harvested in autumn afore beginning or afterwards the berry has ripened, again broiled in the sun for use if raw.


Hazelnuts Fruit from the hazel

Hazelnuts can be begin abnormally in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The hazelnut nowadays grows in Turkey, Spain, Italy and the United States, but is originally from Turkey.

The hazelnut is a bake-apple of the hazelnut tree, a timberline that alcove some three to 5 metres high. The timberline has a attenuate axis and is actual densely covered with leaves. The leaves can be accustomed by their round, egg-shaped or affection shape. From the alpha of its growth, the hazelnut is adequate by bracts that after anatomy harder shells. The chestnut timberline does not aftermath any flowers in the spring, clashing added nut trees. It grows on calcium-rich admixture absolute lots of damp and grows from January to April. As the nut ripens, the carapace of the nut changes to a chicken orange. The hazelnut does bigger in a air-conditioned and clammy summer than in a dry hot one.

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The role of Trehalose

Trehalose has a protective effect on organisms is magical, because trehalose permeation pressure and drying the harsh conditions of high temperature, in the alpine, hypertonic in cell surface to form a protective film unique, effectively protect the protein molecular invariance inactivation, life process and biological characteristics in order to maintain the life body. Many of the adverse external environment showed remarkable resistance tolerance species, have a direct relationship with the existence of a large number of trehalose their in vivo. While the nature such as sucrose, glucose and other sugars, do not have this function. This unique functional properties, so that trehalose can be used not only as a good active protecting agent, enzyme protein drugs, vaccines and other biological products outside the important components or to maintain the cell activity and moisturizing cosmetics, more can be used to prevent food deterioration, keeping the food fresh flavor, improve food quality and unique food ingredients, greatly expanding the trehalose as a natural edible sweet sugar function.