The role of Trehalose

Trehalose has a protective effect on organisms is magical, because trehalose permeation pressure and drying the harsh conditions of high temperature, in the alpine, hypertonic in cell surface to form a protective film unique, effectively protect the protein molecular invariance inactivation, life process and biological characteristics in order to maintain the life body. Many of the adverse external environment showed remarkable resistance tolerance species, have a direct relationship with the existence of a large number of trehalose their in vivo. While the nature such as sucrose, glucose and other sugars, do not have this function. This unique functional properties, so that trehalose can be used not only as a good active protecting agent, enzyme protein drugs, vaccines and other biological products outside the important components or to maintain the cell activity and moisturizing cosmetics, more can be used to prevent food deterioration, keeping the food fresh flavor, improve food quality and unique food ingredients, greatly expanding the trehalose as a natural edible sweet sugar function.


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