Notoginseng Origin

Notoginseng is the basis of the abiding bulb Panax pseudoginseng Wallich var. notoginseng (Burkill) G. Hoo & C. J. Tseng., of the ancestors Asteraceae/Compositae. Native to east Asia, it is begin in forests and shrubberies in China, Burma, and up to 2,100-4,300 metres in Central Nepal and the Himalayas.

The abiding bulb grows to about 1.2 m top at a apathetic rate. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both macho and changeable organs). It can abound in abounding adumbration (deep woodland) or semi-shade (light woodland). It requires clammy soil.

In China, notoginseng is mainly developed in the ambit Yunnan, Guangxi, etc. The basis is harvested in autumn afore beginning or afterwards the berry has ripened, again broiled in the sun for use if raw.


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