Fluvalinate effects on Aquatic Organisms

Fluvalinate is awful baneful to fish. The 96-hour LC50 for fluvalinate in bluegill sunfish is 0.09 ug/l, and in bubble trout is 2.9 ug/l. Its 48-hour LC50 in Daphnia magna, a baby freshwater crustacean, is 74 ug/l, and in mysid shrimp is 2.9 ug/l.

Pyrethroid insecticides are acutely baneful to angle with 96-hour LC50 ethics about beneath 10 ug/l. Corresponding LD50 ethics in mammals and birds are in the ambit of several hundred to several thousand mg/kg. Angle acuteness to the pyrethroids may be explained by their almost apathetic metabolism and abolishment of these compounds. The half-lives for abolishment of several pyrethroids by trout are all greater than 48 hours, while abolishment half-lives for birds and mammals ambit from 6 to 12 hours.

Generally, the accident of pyrethroids to angle increases with accretion octanol/water allotment coefficients.


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