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Atropine Sulphate Description

Atropine sulphate is in the anatomy of “a white, indistinctly apparent powder, after odor, accepting a actual bitter, abhorrent taste, and abiding in the air. Acrid at 15° C. (59° F.) in 0.4 allotment of water, 6.2 locations of alcohol, 2270 locations of ether, or 694 locations of chloroform. At 187° C. (309° F.) the alkali melts, basic a brownish-yellow liquid. If afire it chars, emits acid vapors, and is absolutely consumed. The alkali is aloof to litmus paper. On abacus sodium carbonate T.S. to a concentrated aqueous band-aid of the alkali a white accelerate is obtained, which should acknowledge to the reactions and tests accustomed beneath Atropine (see Atropina). The aqueous band-aid of the alkali yields, with barium chloride T.S., a white precipitate, baffling in hydrochloric acid”—(U. S. P.). Atropine sulphate or its band-aid should acerb amplify the adherent if activated to the eye. This alkali is acrid in about 3 locations of glycerin.