What is Sodium cobaltinitrite?

Molecular Formula: CoN6Na3O12

Formula Weight:      403.94

Chemical Properties:

deep yellow to brown crystalline powder

Sodium cobaltinitrite is a allocation admixture with the blueprint Na3Co(NO2)6. The anion of this yellow-coloured acrid consists of a cobalt(III) centermost N-bonded to six nitrito ligands. It is a reagent for the qualitative assay for potassium and ammonium ions.

Although the sodium cobaltinitrite is acrid in water, it forms the base of a quantitative assurance of potassium, thallium, and ammonium ions. Under the recommended acknowledgment altitude the baffling bifold salt, K2Na[Co(NO2)6].H2O is precipitated and weighed. In geochemical analysis, sodium cobaltinitrite is acclimated to analyze acrid feldspars from plagioclase feldspars in attenuate section.


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