Chlorpyrifos Chemical Description

Chlorpyrifos is a solid white apparent solid that is about baffling in water. It is accessible as granules, wettable powder, dustable crumb and emulsifiable concentrate.
Uses and Benefits:
Chlorpyrifos was acclimated as an insecticide on abundant crops to ascendancy fleas, ants, beetles, mosquitoes and added annoying little insects. because of this, it was aswell acclimated in dog kennels, horse stalls, and on sheep.
Health Effects:
Chlorpyrifos is moderately baneful to humans. Inhalation or assimilation of chlorpyrifos will affect the afraid arrangement and cause, depending on the dosage and breadth of exposure, annihilation from headaches to unconsciousness. It is not believed to be a carcinogen.
Environmental Effects:
Chlorpyrifos enters the ambiance through absolute appliance on crops and clings to soil. It rarely enters groundwater sources, but if it does it is awful baneful to amphibian organisms. It is moderately baneful to birds.


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