What is Gardenia Yellow Pigment?

Gardenia Yellow can be acclimated as appearance in the assembly of beverage, wine, cake, ice-cream, ice-lolly, preserved fruit, amplification food, jelly, abrade cake, candy
Medical Purpose; Aliment Additives Aliment Additives; corrective grade
Gardenia Yellow is a Yellow powder, can be attenuated in baptize and booze band-aid easily. It has a acceptable attrition to ablaze and temperature in aloof and anemic acrid mediums.
Gardenia Yellow Pigment is simple acrid in water, adulterated booze and propanediol, but not acrid in oil. The baptize band-aid of the colorant has a brightand abiding golden-yellowish hue, abnormally in acrid soluble, with the absorbtance aiguille at 440nm.It has a acceptable adherence to ablaze and calefaction and has a acceptable dyeing adeptness to starches and proteins.It can be acclimated as a accustomed colorant for abrade products, noodles, cakes, puddings, jam, jelly, candy, cookies, drinks, wine, beverage, dairy products, amber products, amber products, ice creams, chestnut, pickles, Yellow rice, cosmetics, cottony cloth, affection cloth, medicines, etc.


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