Ethylbenzene Information

Ethylbenzene is a airy amoebic admixture (VOC) in the ‘BTEX’ actuality accumulation which includes benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene. Ethylbenzene is a colourless aqueous that smells agnate to gasoline. It exists by itself in petroleum, and is aswell an automated actinic with a array of uses.
Ethylbenzene may be referred to as phenylethane or EB. See the HSDB for added synonyms and added information.
Ethylbenzene has been classified by IARC as Accumulation 2B, possibly baleful to humans. Available epidemiological studies do not accommodate able affirmation of carcinogenicity in humans, about beastly studies appearance an access in lung and alarmist cancers in mice and branch cancers in rats apparent to ethylbenzene.
Additionally, abbreviate appellation acknowledgment to top concentrations of ethylbenzene can could could cause eye and throat irritation. Chronic acknowledgment may aswell could could cause haematological furnishings and accident to the close ear.


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