What is Flavones?

Flavones are compounds that accomplish up one of the several classes of flavonoids, or antioxidants, that are begin by itself in abounding fruits, vegetables and herbs. Flavones tend to be chicken in color. Two accurate kinds of this admixture alleged apigenin and luteolin are present in celery and parsley as able-bodied as thyme. While all-encompassing analysis has not yielded absolute results, several lab tests advance that these compounds may advice the physique area off accepted and abeyant ailments.
Flavonoids are abounding in abounding types of foods and teas. Abounding accept the furnishings of these antioxidants on the physique are numerous. Analysis on specific types of flavonoids, including flavones, is still almost new. Abounding tests accept been declared inconclusive, yet others appearance affiance that the compounds may accept profound, absolute bloom benefits.
In general, antioxidants may advice individuals rid their bodies of the chargeless radicals generally associated with cancer. Additionally, flavones may impede top levels of estrogen. They may accomplish this aftereffect by annoyance the abundance of aromatase, a key agitator in the biosynthesis of estrogen. For these reasons, flavones are anticipation to possibly abatement the accident of breast and prostate cancer.
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