Wormwood History & Origin

The herb accepted as Wormwood comes from the plant ancestors of Compositae, brand Artemisia and the specific breed absinthium. The brand Artemisia contains over 180 species, authoritative Wormwood absolutely the herb to be reckoned with out of all added breed classification.
It is by itself grows in the added abstemious altitude zones such as Europe, North Africa and Asia, about added afresh it is getting developed in North America due to a college appeal (mainly due to the growing absorption of holistic medicine).
The name Wormwood has several origins and is mostly referred to for its absinthian taste. The Romans referred to it as “Absinthium” that is acquired from the Latin chat “absinthial” almost translated to “bitter”. It’s not absolutely abiding area the chat Wormwood was anon derived, about it has been speculated that it may appear from the Anglo-saxon chat “wermode” that comes to be translated as “waremode” or aswell “mind preserver”.


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