What is Usnea?

Usnea is a blazon of lichen that grows on trees. Though lichens arise to be individual plants, they are absolutely a aggregate of bane and algae that abound calm for their alternate benefit. Lichens abound in colorful, collapsed patches.
Usnea may be whitish, reddish, or black. The plant physique of usnea is acclimated to accomplish medicine.
Usnea is acclimated for weight loss, affliction relief, agitation control, and anguish healing; and to accomplish aplomb easier to ahem up.
Usnea is aswell acclimated anon on the derma for abscessed aperture and throat.
Don’t abash usnea with oak moss (Evernia prunastri). Both usnea and oak moss are sometimes referred to as timberline moss.
more about:
Usnea Diffracta Extract


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