Silver Sulfadiazine Mechanism of Action

Studies utilizing radioactive micronized Silver Sulfadiazine, electron microscopy, and biochemical techniques accept appear that the apparatus of activity of Silver Sulfadiazine on bacilli differs from argent nitrate and sodium sulfadiazine. Silver Sulfadiazine acts alone on the corpuscle film and corpuscle bank to aftermath its antibacterial effect.
A specific apparatus of activity has not been determined, but Silver Sulfadiazine’s capability may possibly be from a accessory interaction, or the activity of anniversary component. Argent is a biocide, which binds to a ample ambit of targets. Argent ions bind to nucleophilic amino acids, as able-bodied as sulfhydryl, amino, imidazole, phosphate, and carboxyl groups in proteins, causing protein denaturation and agitator inhibition. Argent binds to apparent membranes and proteins, causing proton leaks in the membrane, arch to corpuscle death. Sulfadiazine is a aggressive inhibitor of bacterial para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), a substrate of the agitator dihydropteroate synthetase. The inhibited acknowledgment is all-important in these bacilli for the amalgam of folic acid.


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