Where to buy 4,4′-Oxybisbenzoyl chloride(DEDC/ODBC)?

Synonyms: 4,4′-Oxydibenzoyl chloride; 4-(Chlorocarbonyl)phenyl ether; Diphenyl ether 4,4′-dicarbonyl dichloride; Diphenyl oxide 4,4′-dicarbonyl chloride
CAS No.: 7158-32-9
Molecular Formula:C14H8Cl2O3
Molecular Weight:295.12
Melting point:22-23℃
Boiling point:404℃
Density: 1.386
Flash point:164℃
Appearance: white powder
Description About 4,4′-Oxybisbenzoyl chloride(DEDC/ODBC) CAS 7158-32-9:
4,4′-Oxybisbenzoyl chloride(DEDC/ODBC) is a important chemical intermediate.
If you want to know about 4,4′-Oxybisbenzoyl chloride(DEDC/ODBC) price , please call our Customer Services Hotline 86 592 5365887 or send the email to sales@chemical-reagent.com.


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