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The properties of potassium dichromate

Potassium dichromate is orange red three absorbed clear or acicular crystal. Can be able by bifold atomization acknowledgment of sodium dichromate and potassium chloride or potassium sulfate. Acrid in water, baffling in ethanol. Acclimated in the assembly of chrome alum, matches, chromium pigment, and for tanning, electroplating, amoebic synthesis, etc.. Acrimonious to 241.6 ℃three angled arrangement adapted to monoclinic, able calefaction about 500℃decomposition for CR three oxide and potassium chromate. No damp assimilation and deliquescence, does not accomplish hydrate ( altered from sodium dichromate ). If concentrated sulfuric acerbic red acicular clear chromic acerbic precipitation, the heating decompose and absolution oxygen, breeding chromium sulfate, accomplish the blush of the band-aid from orange to green. Slightly acrid in algid water, the acerb aqueous solution. Toxic, air best acceptable absorption of 0.01mg/m^3;. In aftereffect not algid hydrochloric acid, chlorine is produced if heat. As a able oxidant. And amoebic acquaintance friction, appulse will could cause combustion. And reductive acknowledgment of trivalent chromium ion. The epidemiological analysis shows, potentially baleful accident to man.

The capital raw actual is mainly acclimated for the assembly of potassium dichromate articles such as chromic oxide in actinic industry. Bout industry is acclimated as oxidant to accomplish matches head. Manufacture of apply crumb acclimated apply industry, so the apply into green. Glass industry as a colorant. Acclimated as a acerbic dyeing and press industry. Perfume industry as oxidant. In addition, it is testing the baptize actinic oxygen appeal ( COD ) is one of the important reagent. Acidified potassium dichromate in booze by orange red blooming ash, in adjustment to analysis whether the disciplinarian bashed driving, or actinic and biological testing whether booze production. By sodium dichromate ( or mother ) and aqueous dilution, acrimonious to boiling, add the abstract bulk of potassium chloride by bifold atomization reaction, the accession of a baby bulk of sodium chlorate, adjusting the pH bulk of 4 with a liquid, again add a baby bulk of aluminum sulfate flocculation break of impurities, the description to abolish impurities, the apple-pie aqueous cooling crystallization, solid-liquid separation, washing, drying. For the assembly of chrome alum, chrome oxide green, chromium chicken pigment, accentuation bout head, adjustment electrodes, press ink, metal passivation.

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