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What is BIT?

BIT ablaze chicken crumb with a melting point 154-158 °C.Used in authoritative bactericides of polymer cream,surfactant,water paint,adhesive,oil acreage baptize treatments. A bit (a abbreviating of bifold digit) is the basal accommodation of advice in accretion and telecommunications; a bit can accept the amount of either 1 or 0 (one or zero) only. These attributes may be implemented, in a array of systems, by agency of a two accompaniment device.In computing, a bit can be authentic as a capricious or computed abundance that can accept alone two accessible values. These two ethics are generally interpreted as bifold digits and are usually denoted by the after digits 0 and 1. The two ethics can aswell be interpreted as analytic ethics (true/false, yes/no), algebraic signs (+/−), activation states (on/off), or any added two-valued attribute. The accord amid these ethics and the concrete states of the basal accumulator or accessory is a amount of convention, and altered assignments may be acclimated even aural the aforementioned accessory or program. The breadth of a bifold amount may be referred to as its “bit-length”.

BIT can be stored by a agenda accessory or added concrete arrangement that exists in either of two accessible audible states. These may be the two abiding states of a flip-flop, two positions of an electrical switch, two audible voltage or accepted levels accustomed by a circuit, two audible levels of ablaze intensity, two admonition of magnetization or polarization, the acclimatization of capricious bifold abandoned DNA, etc.Bits can be implemented in abounding forms. In a lot of avant-garde accretion devices, a bit is usually represented by an electrical voltage or accepted pulse, or by the electrical accompaniment of a flip-flop circuit.For accessories application absolute logic, a chiffre amount of 1 (or a analytic amount of true) is represented by a added absolute voltage about to the representation of 0. The specific voltages are altered for altered argumentation families and variations are acceptable to acquiesce for basic crumbling and babble immunity. For example, in transistor–transistor argumentation (TTL) and accordant circuits, chiffre ethics 0 and 1 at the achievement of a accessory are represented by no college than 0.4 volts and no lower than 2.6 volts, respectively; while TTL inputs are defined to admit 0.8 volts or beneath as 0 and 2.2 volts or aloft as 1.

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