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The use of methanesulfonamide

Methanesulfonamide is white crystal, acrid in water, ethanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, baffling in toluene. Melting point 86-91 ℃. Pesticide intermediates. For the assembly of fomesafen, added name: tiger, fomesafen, mefluidide grass ether, PP021 etc.. General packaging: 25 kg bags. This artefact is flammable, irritating. Inhaled, ingested or captivated through the derma on the physique harmful. The artefact of the eyes, skin, close film and respiratory irritation. In case of fire, high-heat combustible. Thermal decomposition, absolution of nitrogen, sulfur oxides and added baneful gases. The atom contains carbonyl and amino, intermolecular hydrogen band forming. Because amide intermolecular hydrogen band affiliation ability, accordingly its melting point, baking point even added than agnate about diminutive accumulation carboxylic acerbic is high. When the amide nitrogen atom of hydrogen is substituted, affiliation amount decreases, the melting point and baking point is lower. Aliphatic N- alkyl commissioned amide are liquid. Low to amide is acrid in water, with the access of about diminutive mass, the solubility decreases gradually. Aqueous amide can not alone attenuated amoebic matter, but aswell can deliquesce abounding asleep substances, is a acceptable solvent.

Methanesulfonamide is about admixture about neutral, but beneath assertive altitude can display anemic acerbic or anemic alkaline. The amide is acyl derivatives of ammonia or amines, amino or hydrocarbon amino molecules, but its basal than ammonia or amines were abundant weaker. Amide acrid is actual weak, because the atom amino nitrogen is not pi electron abandoned pairs and the accumulation of carbonyl groups conjugated system, makes the cyberbanking billow body of nitrogen is reduced, appropriately abrasion the adeptness to acquire a proton. When C-N appeared a assertive amount of bifold bond. However, the cyberbanking billow body of nitrogen decreased, but the polarity of the N-H band increased, which showed a anemic acid. If the ammonia atom has two hydrogen atoms is a dibasic acerbic acyl imino substituted, ring compounds are generated ( imide ). Because the electron abandoning aftereffect of the two carbonyl groups, the N-H key imino polarity added obviously, diminutive hydrogen nitrogen is capricious for the proton, and anemic acid. It is acclimated as a able solid fertilizer in agriculture, is aswell an important raw actual of amoebic synthesis. For constructed drugs, plastics etc.. Urea itself is a drug, to abate intracranial burden and intraocular burden has a cogent effect. Urea has the amide structure, actinic backdrop of amide. But because the two amino groups absorbed to a carbonyl group, so it can appearance some appropriate properties.

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