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What is the catalase test kit?

Catalase test kit is a affectionate of simple and simple by blush acknowledgment to apprehension of cell, tissue or added samples of catalase ( Catalase ) action kit. In the case of hydrogen achromatize are almost abundant, hydrogen achromatize agitator can activate the assembly of hydrogen achromatize with baptize and oxygen. The balance hydrogen achromatize in the peroxidase ( Peroxidase ) beneath the catalysis of blaze can accomplish chromogenic substrate, red artefact ( N- ( 4-antipyryl ) -3-chloro-5-sulfonate-p-benzoquinonemonoimine ), best assimilation amicableness of 520nm. Hydrogen achromatize assembly standard, accepted curve, so that it can be affected in a sample of catalase in assemblage time per assemblage aggregate of catalytic bulk of hydrogen achromatize into baptize and oxygen, which can be affected in a sample of catalase agitator activity.

Catalase is broadly distributed. In the liver, branch and red claret cell, catalase levels are actual high, it is bright can advance to oxidative accident by hydrogen achromatize is the capital place.

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