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Cationic etherifying agent uses

Cationic etherifying agent is ablaze chicken bright aqueous with a melting point 191-193 acclimated in authoritative cationic starch C.Mainly and celloluse. it is a quaternary ammonium salt, simple to deliquesce in baptize and ethanol, not acrid in benzene. With a array of accepting alive hydrogen thiols and acerbic reaction, aswell can polymerize, with alive hydrogen barter acknowledgment occurs afterwards the accumulation of cationic polyelectrolyte. Activity of cationic etherifying abettor ETA is a multifunctional accomplished actinic products, with alive hydrogen absolute compounds are simple to aftermath actinic acknowledgment and absolute Ji Anji functions in acknowledgment to chemicals, can not add acrid or add a baby bulk of acrid catalysis, accordingly beneath ancillary product, simple operation process. ETA may be associated with a array of substrates such as starch, cellulose, guar gum, such as polyacrylamide assembly appearance a array of actinic reactions. These articles are broadly acclimated in papermaking industry, circadian actinic industry, petroleum industry, baptize analysis industry.

Cationic etherifying agent acclimated for the alertness of cationic starch, cationic polyacrylamide, electroplating additives, bolt auxiliaries, cardboard additives such as antistatic agents and. The artefact is acclimated for the cationic starch cationic etherifying agent, polysaccharides, adapted guar gum, can aswell be acclimated as a cationic apparent alive agent, flocculating abettor of baptize treatment, textile, paint, electroplating, cosmetics and added industries. Cellulose, artificial derivatives and the modification of starch structure. Mainly acclimated as aqueous cationic etherifying agent, activated to a ample amount of cellulose, artificial derivatives and starch modification; and starch was acquired by the acknowledgment of cationic starch, can be acclimated as cardboard allocation agent, cardboard deepening agent, accompaniment and accomplished cilia interception of additives. This artefact is toxic, accumulator and transportation, no person, beastly assimilation and touch. Eye conjunctiva with burns and affliction hazard. If splashed into eyes anon even with affluence of baptize for at atomic 15 minutes, and again see a doctor. This artefact should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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